James Dud Stage Scenarios

One of the things that [hopefully] makes our matches stand out is the unique, themed stage scenarios for most matches. While it adds some effort to designing the stages it also adds a coherence that nearly 1 out of 10 shooters feel has been missing from the sport. For those who may have missed one or all of the James Dud series, here's each scenario in order.

November 2018

You are James Dud, Agent 000. Having reluctantly agreed to allow you to carry the sidearm of your choice your boss “N” insists that you demonstrate proficiency with it before resuming field work.

You are James Dud, Agent 000. With orders to leave first thing in the morning on a new assignment you rush home for a romantic evening with your latest love interest, Miss Brunhilda Bigginbosom. Unfortunately upon arriving at your apartment you find that a number of bad guys are holding her prisoner.

You are James Dud, Agent 000. You have arrived in the United States to investigate the evil and nefarious Spectrum Organization, which your government believes to be broadcasting mindless television programs in an effort to spawn zombies. Spectrum agents have beaten you to the rendezvous point, killed your informant and mean to do the same to you.

You are James Dud, Agent 000. With your informant dead it’s up to you to prove that Spectrum is intentionally distributing mindless programming. Thankfully headquarters has provided you with a dumb-o-meter and you have infiltrated a Spectrum facility to take the necessary measurements. Unfortunately your tuxedo didn’t blend in as well as you’d hoped and Spectrum agents are descending upon you.

You are James Dud, Agent 000. With the vital evidence gathered you must call for reinforcements and a martini as soon as possible. The evil Spectrum Organization would rather you didn’t.

You are the diabolically evil Mr. Yes. After years of scheming and embarrassing failures Agent 000 has at last fallen into your trap. Eliminate his reinforcements and take him prisoner after shooting the imperialist martini out of his hand to show him who’s boss.

December 2018

Weeks of kitten torture have failed to break you and now your evil captors have switched to chickens. Finally on the verge of cracking you notice they’ve let their guard down for a moment. Now is your chance! Find a gun and fight your way out!

You’ve escaped the holding cell and found a workshop to cut off your cuffs. Now you must find your way through the evil laboratories of the Spectrum Organization. A wrong turn has led you to the Killer Robot Lab.

At last you have found the way to freedom. Unfortunately the guards have been alerted to your escape and intend to recapture you, dead or alive.

After your narrow escape you’re laying low at a safehouse waiting for extraction when a noise suddenly awakens you. Turn on the lamp and investigate.

With Spectrum agents everywhere it’s time for an emergency extraction. Fight your way to the extraction point and get on the chopper as quickly as possible.

You are Claus. Santa Claus. Agent 1225. With a record number of IDPA shooters asking for a new gun under their tree this year you’ve been putting in overtime on the range testing pistols.

February 2019

You are Brunhilda Bigginbossom, James Dud’s latest love interest and secret agent for the evil Spectrum Organization. Word of Agent 000’s escape has displeased your handlers who have sent assassins to kill you while you’re having your nails done. Fabulous.

You are Brunhilda Bigginbossom, secret agent for the evil Spectrum Organization. After your gallant escape from the nail salon your handlers have agreed to a meeting in a rough part of town. As you arrive you find your handlers besieged by Bad Guys from the notorious Local Gang.

You are Brunhilda Bigginbossom. Appreciative of your gallant resuce, your handlers have decided to call off the assassins, in exchange you must kill James Dud. To prepare you’ve been sent to marksmanship training.

You are Brunhilda Biggginbossom. You’ve arrived home to pack only to find that one of Spectrum’s assassin teams didn’t get the memo about the whole not killing you plan.

You are Brunhilda Bigginbossom. With your apartment full of dead assassins you’ve arrived at the airport to fly to James Dud. Unbelievably, just as you lay down your pistol case for the airline to check in, terrorists appear and begin shooting up the place.

April 2019

You are James Dud, Agent 000. After returning to London you’ve been issued a company car that due to budget cuts isn’t quite what you’re used to. After a break down you’ve pulled over in a seemingly quiet part of town only to be confronted by a group of militant vegans upset about the burger wrapper in the passenger seat.

You are agent James Dud, Agent 000. Headquarters has decided you need additional tactical training after the recent attempts on your life.

You are Brunhilda Bigginbossom. After arriving in town with devious plans for James Dud you’ve become lost while looking for your hotel. Your recent run of bad luck continues after a group of hoodies mistake you for their next victim.

You superiors have learned of Brunhilda’s treachery and your mood is dark when she unexpectedly calls. Unbelievably she confesses everything and insists she loves you too much and will betray her handlers. Though suspicious you’ve agreed to meet her.

With Brunhilda’s Spectrum agents everywhere things are looking grim. It’s time to fight your way to safety or die trying.

You are Brunhilda Bigginbosom. Despite somehow calling for assistance James Dud is within your grasp. Kill him and his miserable reinforcements before he finds a way to escape again.