Introduction to IDPA Class

Volusia County IDPA’s Intro to IDPA Class will introduce you to the basics of IDPA competition and offer instruction for those interested in competing so that you’ll feel more comfortable and competent when competing in your first real IDPA match. We’ll follow an easy to understand format and provide a friendly, safe and supportive environment. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the IDPA rule book before the class. The latest edition of the IDPA rule book can be found on the IDPA website.

Topics Covered

IDPA safety and competition rules, gear requirements, scoring, IDPA range commands, drawing from a holster, shooting from behind cover and basic strategies to shoot your best at an actual IDPA match. Once we get through the classroom portion we’ll hit the range, run through a number of warm up drills, and finish with the class by shooting two real IDPA stages.

Required Gear

  • 9mm or larger caliber pistol
  • Holster - IWB or OWB (Sturdy OWB highly recommended – see Getting Started in IDPA)
  • Minimum of 3 Magazines or Speed Loaders with ability to carry 2 mags on your belt
  • Minimum of 100 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Eye and Ear Protection

Who should attend?

If you’re interested in competitive shooting but not sure where to start this is the class for you. IDPA is a great entry-level sport and while many shooters stick with only IDPA many also explore other disciplines such as USPSA and Steel Challenge. IDPA membership is not required.

What to expect

The class starts at 8:00am sharp with about 1 hour of classroom instruction. You will not need any of your gear for this portion of the class and firearms and ammunition are strictly prohibited in the classroom. Once we finish in the classroom we will go down to the shooting bays where the class will break up into 2 groups of 10 and we will begin with dry fire drills to make sure everyone is 100% on their holster safety.

Once the instructors are satisfied with everyone’s holster work we will begin ramping the live-fire drills until we are ready to take a break and set up the IDPA stages. We will set up two 100% IDPA legal stages and each student will have a chance to shoot both. We will wrap up with a Q&A session and everyone will be encouraged to attend the monthly IDPA match on the following weekend.

The class usually ends around 3:00pm but we may get out earlier if we have a good group and things run smoothly.

How to Sign Up

Email the IDPA Match Director Jason Quick at to receive a registration link. Jason can also answer any questions you have about the class or IDPA in general.