Match Information

IDPA Matches are held at the Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club on the Second Sunday of each month. We normally have 6 stages for our monthly matches and also offer a 5x5 classifier after each match. We support all divisions including the specialy Carry Optics and Pistol Caliber Carbine divisions. Typical minimum round count is between 90-120 rounds. Pre-registration via Practiscore is strongly encouraged for the IDPA Match and the 5x5 classifier. Our matches take full advantage of the excellent facilities at the VCGHC including a huge array of steel and moving targets and a shoot-house. We are an IDPA-affiliated club and our matches are operated in accordance with the current IDPA Rulebook.

SERPA-style holsters with trigger finger activated retention systems are banned at this and many other matches for safety reasons.

Gun handling (other than while shooting a stage) at any location other than a Safe Table will result in disqualification. Gearing up at your car is allowed as long as you bring your cased or bagged gun to a designated Safe Table to holster it. Regardless of Safe Table orientation muzzles should be pointed at the nearest berm at all times while using a Safe Table.

Due to our use of steel targets eye protection is required at all times while on club property. You should not exit your vehicle without eye protection.

The match entry fee is $15 for VCGHC members and $20 for non-members.

For more details about the match itself see About the Match.

New Shooters

First-time IDPA shooters are required to attend the New Shooter's briefing held at 8:00 sharp. Come to the check in trailer and let us know you're a new shooter and we'll let you know where you need to be. During the New Shooter's briefing we'll review IDPA-specific safety rules and do a quick overview of the competition rules. If you've never shot a match before, don't worry: you'll find IDPA shooters are a friendly group and will be eager to help you have a successful day. Please review the Getting Started in IDPA page for some guidance on what to bring and don't be afraid to email the Match Director if you have specific questions.

IDPA membership is required to shoot our IDPA matches. Membership is not required for your first match but you are encouraged to join.


We are excited to be able to offer two raffle prizes for certain competitors.

Set-Up Crew Gun Raffle

No match can survive without dedicated volunteers to help with set up. To reward our set-up volunteers we have an annual drawing for a pistol. Each set-up volunteer will have their name entered into a drawing which will be held at the beginning of each match. The winner of the drawing will be announced at the match and that person will be one of the 12 entrants in the final drawing at the November 2019 match. Additionally the first 4 people who commit to help with set up and who actually show up to set up the match will shoot the match for free.

Double-Header Training Class Raffle

Shooters at the IDPA match have the option to shoot the GM Knockdown Steel match immediately following the IDPA match. This fast-paced and exciting, all-steel match is a total blast and the stages are designed by USPSA Grand Master Manny Brag, who brings 20+ years experience and an incredible array of equipment to bear. Manny is also a sought-after world-class instructor and has offered a one-on-one 3 hour training session to be raffled. To qualify you must shoot both the IDPA and GM Knockdown Steel matches for at least 3 of the next 4 months. The winner will be announced after a drawing at the March, 2019 match.